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Removalists Melbourne - Move My Stuff

Have you ever thought how hard or easy relocating your house or office could be?
Have you been living in the same house for years or do you move every 6 months ?
Do you get stressed even by the thought of Moving? You are NOT ALONE!
I use to feel the same every time I had to move, and unfortunately it used to be at least once every year. I use to get stressed towards the end of our tenancy, just by thinking that we have to move again!!

Moving can be exciting and stressful. We let you enjoy the exciting part and we take care of the stress.

How it all started?

In 2008, I started working for a courier company and use to help out my family and friends move houses on weekends in my small Van. I felt sympathy for them(having gone through that every year), hence offered my help and support. Most of my friends commented on how good I was and how careful I have been with their belonging ( ofcourse, I had moved my stuff every year and brought all that experience!) , and some suggested me to take this is as my full time career. This was the start of Move My Stuff.

We started providing a service with the motive of reducing stress from people’s mind and offering a service that is reasonably priced. Our main source of business was word of mouth and still is, and we very well understand the importance of providing an excellent service.

We started with one Van and Man in late 2008.

What have we done?

Since its inception in 2008, Move My Stuff has made invaluable contributions to Melbourne’s removal industry. We have been one of the trendsetters of the industry and are proud of developing many new ways of looking after customer goods while in transit and saving them money by offering a unique and fair charging system. We introduced a free Shrink Wrap Service to protect customer goods in transit, a revolutionary Storage System that saves time, money and double handling, a technological infrastructure to schedule, manage and organise your move, just to name a few.

Achieving several years of hard work and innovation, we now offer a service that really is appreciated by more than 400 Customers every week. That’s over 20000 Customers every year!

Our Team:

The three founding members of Move My Stuff came from very different backgrounds but common vision: To offer an excellent service at best possible prices.

Jaspreet, our technology head brings extensive experience from his several years of employment with Cardiff University in Wales, UK and looks after the complete IT infrastructure of the Company. He is responsible for many technological innovations which has made us one of the leading technology adopters in the removals industry. He is the brain behind our cutting edge technology which makes our processes so cost effective that we are able to pass on all the saving to our customers. Jaspreet likes reading, hiking, running and spending time with his kids when not at work.

IJ, our Strategic head was a Project Manager at ANZ bank before becoming a part of Move My Stuff and is currently the brain behind the innovations and leading edge strategies of the company. IJ spends most of his leisure with his family and gardening.

Raj, our Operations Head brings extensive experience in customer service and managing daily operations from his 5 years employment in London with a leading real estate development Company. He currently overlooks the entire operations of the company. Raj loves playing golf and take flying lessons when not a work.

Our hard work and vision is complimented by our hardworking team of removalists on road and an equally enthusiastic team in office who is willing to go an extra mile to help you and give you an honest advice and a great service!

Our Customer service Guarantee

We take our customers’ feedback very seriously. We send each customer a personalised email to know and understand how their move went and request them to give us a rating based on the service they received. Each feedback received is read personally by directors of the company.

We guarantee to provide our customers with honest, reliable and cost effective service.

We understand that we may not be able to meet expectations of all our customers as every move is unique and is done under different circumstances. Therefore we guarantee to offer the best service and a fair resolution when things do not go as planned.

Over 99% of our jobs start on time.

We meet and exceed the expectation of over 99.6% of our customers.

Above all, we care for our customers.

In the past 4 years, we have helped over 50,000 customers in Melbourne move their belongings from one house to another but still strive to achieve the same objective, "to reduce stress from our customers' mind when making a move".

So if you are ready to make your next move, let us take some stress out of your mind too. You can either book your move online or Leave your details here for an honest quote emailed to you within 2 business hours.
Tips & Faq’s
A little about Move My Stuff
Moving your household items can be a little daunting task that requires special and trained people who can offer you fine services. These people can make your household move a smoother one or a nightmare. You value your items and rightly so. You deserve to find someone who will take extra care with your items and treat them as their own. That’s where Removalists Melbourne comes in. They can help you do exactly that, move your household goods orderly, efficiently, and carefully while at the same time making your move smooth and stress free. When you select a removalist company, there are a few things you should consider before you decide on which one to choose.

How long have they been in business and what experience do they have, as well as their employees?

There is a lot to be said about experience. It’s a factor that speaks volumes about a company’s ability to know the business and have the professional skills to handle a job. More often than not, only a skilled and dependable Removalists Melbourne can survive through several years of packing and moving. And through the years of being in business, they will develop more and more experience and expertise that will benefit you and your move.

Who will answer the phone when you call?

This is important question because you will have questions and concerns. You will want to know there is someone to answer those calls and answer them promptly. There are numerous removals Melbourne companies that are too small that the actual removalists are the ones who answer incoming calls. This can be a problem for you as they may not be available for you most times or if they are, they have to get back to you when they return to the office. On the other hand, if the company has an office admin, receptionist, or other individual to act as customer service, you’ll know there’s someone who’s dedicated to servicing customers routinely. It’ll be more organized, informative, and accessible to you.

Are they licensed? What is their reputation and how do they compare to other removals Melbourne companies?

You will want to find out whether or not a removalists company is licensed or not. Making sure they’re licensed ensures that they have met the appropriate requirements to be compliant with government regulations. You will also want to know more about how they are rated by others in reviews. Or if you have family or friends who have used them, it’s important to find out how their experience was.

Taking the time to ask questions about the removalists company will serve your best interests in the long run. Choosing a quality one should help your move and relieve stress, not create stress. Be sure they have adequate customer service, experience, and liability coverage. This will provide you with confidence that your moving experience with removals Melbourne will leave you with a lasting impression and a service you know you will use in the future.
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